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Algemeen logoGeoVUsie has had enthusiastic members since the beginning of the association. To our great appreciation it became apparent that many of these members want to be kept up to date on the developments within the association. Apart from this they also showed to want to do something for the association. Luckily they can become a donator. As a thanks to the donators that donate more than 25 euro they will receive a yearbook as a token of appreciation from all the members.

Not all the donators are former members, many of the faculty staff help out as well. The amount to be donated is free to chose.

You can choose to transfer the amount to NL88 INGB 0004 3032 96 in the name of GeoVUsie citing Donation or you can donate through IDEAL with Mollie below.

Donation form

You are free in choosing the amount of the donation. We are working with a minimum amount of €1,00 as transaction costs are €0,35.


Handling your donation is provided by the firm Mollie. Since 2004 is Mollie a supplier of payment solutions in the Netherlands, specialized in billing & payments for businesses and online payments for merchants. By facilitating payments for more than 21.000 companies is Mollie one of the leading Payment Service Providers in the Netherlands.