KWR Watercycle Research Institute

Mission & Vision

KWR Watercycle Research InstituteKWR watercycle Research Institute helps the society to shape the watercycle in such a way that we can use it.  We do this by:
•   Obtaining knowledge for high quality research;
•   Building bridges between science, companies and society
•   Advancing the social innovation with the best available knowledge

Creating knowledge
KWR creates new high quality knowledge through targeted research. Our researchers integrate this new knowledge with the already known knowledge and experience from our extensive network. Our research concentrates around four important themes: Health, Durability, Progressive and Efficient water.

Building bridges
KWR builds the bridge between science, companies and society. We bring public and commercial parties together. In close dialogue with these parties, we construct targeted, practically applicable solutions for widespread water problems.

Enhancing social innovation
KWR contributes to concrete social innovations in and around the watercycle. We constantly exert to assemble relevant organisations to create chain oriented solutions for the water problems. With all things we think commercial and cost-effective.

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