FUNCTIE OMSCHRIJVING Als Adviseur Bodem voer je op projectbasis opdrachten uit voor klanten uit het bedrijfsleven en de overheid. Je bereidt bodemonderzoek voor en zorgt voor een goede rapportage. De aansturing van het veldwerk is ook

Holiday to Slovenia (1-11 august)

The holiday committee organises a holiday for the members of GeoVUsie every year, so members can enjoy a well deserved break with each other. This year the holdiday took place from the first of august until the eleventh and was in Slovenia and also a few days in Italy. Finnaly arrived in Slovenia with different cars and busses, we found out the camping was near a beautiful lake in Bled. Above the lake a castle stood there on a high peak which was very romantic. After a few geologic trips to a gorge and a cave, it was time for a sport activity. We went rafting! Everybody has to do this once in his or her live.

The last few days we spent near the beautiful Italian city Trieste. The pizza and pasta ensured a good stomach before the nightlife could get started. With the hangover the day after the thought of a awesome holiday didn’t disappeared.